Virtual Classroom

Our virtual classroom is an online environment and a proven technology. It works in perfect combination with our Activeboard (smartboard), just like in a real-world classroom.  This classroom solution makes you independent of place and time, while the sessions will be recorded.  Of course the interaction between lecturer and students is the most powerful tool. When we record the lectures and combine them into an e-learning environement it is even more effective.

The Activeboard is connected to the virtual classroom. In this way the lecturer can enrich his lessons with Powerpoint, excel sheets, video, internet- or educational content, etc. In a meeting suite we can remote up to 20 classrooms in one session.

Depending on your demand we invite the best lecturers, institutes, expert- and training centres. If necessary we also deliver onsite interpreter(s).

To get the best connection in virtual classroom we only work with the best suppliers, such as Cisco and VisionsConnected. The connection is AES-encrypted, ISO27001. On smartboards we work with Promothean (The Activeboard), importer for the Netherlands is The Activeboardpeople.


We can record any lecture and later integrate it into an e-learning module. This includes Powerpoint, excel sheets, video, internet- or educational content, etc. This includes also the questions, and answers, produced during the lectures.
Afterwards we divide each lecture in smaller sessions. We integrate these sessions into the e-learning modules so the students can review each lecture online.