Before we start a project we always visit the future partner. We do process monitoring during the project. Initially we investigate your requirements.

Train the trainer

If you demand a “train the trainer” project it is essential that the future trainers visit the Dutch schools, training centres and/or expertise centres.  
Activities during the Dutch visit:
Meeting and interviewing our experts and lecturers
Visiting several relevant working places
Meeting colleagues in the working field


We create knowledge couples, so that experts can meet directly and make a strong partnership. We also arrange videoconferencing meetings for larger groups or personal meetings through the e-learning environment.

Video report  

To enhance these visits we are able to make use of editors and cameramen to register the visits and interviews. We can add this documentary to the e-learning module.

Support during and after the project

Aim during and after the completion of the project is building and maintaining a strong partnership.  Afterwards we can always improve the e-learning modules. We can (re)invite lecturers on the virtual classroom and it can also be used for videoconferencing or weblectures.
We are able to add new complementary modules. Your remote virtual classroom can even be used for local distance learning.