E-learning is a very good tool to support distance learning, We have longstanding experience in composing curricula and we use a modular setup. Through our cooperation with publishers we can add extra material.

Initially we execute preliminary research on your requirements.  Together with you we compose a course or module. Depending on your choice we can deliver parts of the teaching materials.  You can integrate these parts in your own e-learning environment or we do the selection of environment and deliver the course completely. In both ways we will support you on the educational and technical field.     

Because of our educational background we can reach a wide variety of authors, publishers and suppliers of data.  

Enhancing your knowledge

If you are not directly interested in distance learning but you want to improve your knowledge in a specific field, we can connect you to a large variety of Dutch or EU experts or expertise centres. Next to organising introductory visits we deliver our virtual classroom to organize online videoconferences and expert meetings.

To achieve the highest level of efficiency of the meetings we can connect up to 20 meetings at the same time! Recording these sessions will even enlarge the effect of enhancing your knowledge.

We can compose a webbased knowledge base which integrates theory, video, excel sheets, Powerpoints, internet- or educational content with your recorded sessions. After the project you can still use the knowledge base and enlarge it yourself.