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Welcome to Commerce Media and our innovative concept for e-publishing, in which you can put up your education, training or expertise, the way you want it.

Our company is specialized in electronic publishing and projectmanagement according to our V.E.T. Method:

Virtual classroom

V stands for Virtual Classroom. The real-life interaction between lecturer and students or between expert and his audience is the most powerful tool. When we record the lectures and combine them into an e-learning environement it is even more effective.

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E stands for e-learning or e-knowledgebase environement. In a curriculum we integrate theory, video, excel sheets, Powerpoints, internet- or educational content, instruction-videos with the recorded sessions to build a powerfool 24/7 environement.

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T stands for transfer. E-publishing can only be succesfull when our future users are well educated in both using the content and using the environement. So we offer train-the-trainer programms and create strong partnerships.

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